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GottaKickit - Smoking cessation the logical way

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“Really impressed with this app. Started using it 12 days ago and was smoking 30 a day then now down to 12 a day and it hasn’t been hard to do at all... Honestly didn’t think I would be able to cut down with a view to stopping completely as I have tried loads of times in the past but this app really does make it easy!”

— Elle D reviewing version 2 of the GottaKickit app

The logical way
to beat your
cigarette habit!

GottaKickit (GKi) is a plan for people who are tired of being under the thumb of their cigarette habit, and who would like to break free in a logical, controlled way that largely bypasses the ordeal of withdrawal. The plan centers on our GottaKickit software program for Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch, and for Google Android-based mobile devices like the T-Mobile G1 (HTC Dream). While following the plan, you should expect to take the device everywhere and to interact with the software regularly.

GottaKickit helps you transition to a new life as a non-smoker, with all the well-known benefits: more money, better health, and many more. Your cigarette cravings will gradually dissipate, without trauma, as you follow the GKi program. GKi helps you withstand the pressure to backslide throughout the transition period. It will stay with you as long as you need — until you’re ready to walk away a non-smoker.

GottaKickit tells you when it’s OK to smoke. To stay with the program, it’s important that you wait until you get that signal before lighting up. When you do smoke, tell GKi about it by flicking the lighter on the home screen.

As you progress with GKi, the interval between cigarettes is gradually increased. The GKi Settings screen lets you speed up or slow down the rate at which cigarette intake is reduced. This adjustable “power level” keeps you as close to your comfort zone as you feel necessary. (Note: The Power Level adjustment feature is available only in paid/upgraded versions of the software.) In time — typically several months — your cigarette consumption will be reduced below two per day. The first day this happens is called your “2C day”, and it means the battle is all but won: you are at or near the point of complete independence from cigarettes. Some will abandon the habit even before reaching their 2C day. Others will elect to keep on longer. Either course is valid under the GKi plan. Whenever you feel the time is right, simply stop smoking. If it turns out you actually weren’t quite ready, that too is no problem. After all, you’re still on the plan, and can smoke — if you still want to — each time GottaKickit gives you the OK.

Many smoking cessation methods are expensive, can have hazardous side effects, or both. Even then, success rates are generally dismal. GottaKickit gives you another way, one that is either free or very inexpensive depending on your version, that has no dangerous side effects, and that is designed above all to be easy to use and easy to stick to. (For details about GottaKickit’s sublimely simple user interface, please view the instructions elsewhere on this site.)

Versions available: The GottaKickit (GKi) program is available for Apple’s iPod Touch/iPhone family of devices and for mobile phones running Google’s Android OS, such as the T-Mobile G1 (HTC Dream). Most descriptions on this site apply to both the Apple and Android versions of GKi. Note that the version of our software application on the Apple devices is named “GottaKickit Now”; it supports in-place upgrading to an expanded feature set. Some points specific to the Android version are covered separately.

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